About Evan Emerson

Hometown: Kansas City
Education: University of Kansas, 1998-2002, Communication Studies, Journalism
Interests: Travel, Science, Sailing, Biking, College Basketball, Cooking, Current Events


Brief Autobiography

I’ve been designing and developing websites and web applications for 17 years. I started with local businesses and gradually received larger, national work on projects from pharmaceutical and health care companies to startups and large digital ad agencies to large grocers and wholesalers.

I love what I do!

Smart businesses need to create websites and digital marketing plans with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to use the web to drive more leads and increase sales. Other clients need custom programing to help their customers or their own business processes. I'm a Digital Marketer, SEO, Website Designer & Developer and I love it.

Route 66 Radio Website - the Beginning

I first became involved with the World Wide Web in 1999, while in college. I hosted and produced a radio show called Route 66 Radio that aired every Sunday at noon on KJHK 90.7 FM at the University of Kansas. I wanted a website for the show and thus, the introduction to the wonderful world of web design, development and marketing online. A local concert production company asked for help and we grew the email list to over 100,000 fans and promoted the shows online. The business side of online marketing began to blossom.

Solving problems and creating solutions for businesses drove me day in, day out. Building something usable has always been a driving force.

Director of Web Development for 8 Radio Stations

After college, I lead the Web Department for eight radio stations in Kansas City including 98.9 The Rock, KMBZ News Radio and The Royals Radio network. Managing 10+ fast paced websites and working in a cut-throat, local sales environment was inspiring.

Founded Radio Accounts, a CRM for Radio Markets Nationwide

Salesforce.com was in it’s 4th year when Bob Zuroweste, the General Manager of Entercom KC and I developed a CRM we called Radio Accounts. This was my introduction to providing SaaS, database driven content, back-end development, database optimization, and system administration. If you need it, figure it out and build it. The sales people loved it. Managers relied on it. Upon leaving Entercom, we received approval to offer Radio Accounts to other broadcasting companies and markets. The product was used by Clear Channel, CBS Infinity and Entercom markets until 2006.

Amazing Growth for the Web & Hosting Arms of Rolet

From 2005 to 2015 Rolet Hosting & Interactive provided the opportunity to work with great designers and developers at a national level. I wore many hats for the company and for every vertical market one could imagine. We implemented several hosted platforms from hosted Exchange to fast, scalable web servers, dedicated managed hosting for high-demand web applications and interactive services. We built custom e-commerce solutions, highly secure pharmaceutical portals, digital marketing campaigns for multiple industries and worked with some of the best digital ad agencies in Kansas City.


In 2015, I founded KCI with a new focus on digital marketing, SEO and website design and development. Business who want great looking website also want to be found online. Great branding, a highly functional website and digital marketing through SEO increases your lead volume and helps grow businesses. We're here for our clients who want to grow and invest in their business.

Kansas City Exploration

When I’m not working I’m off exploring new and old parts of Kansas City, spending time with my two sons, sailing, camping, or trying not to hurt myself jumping off the diving board at the local pool.

Hire Us

If you run a business and aren’t happy with your web presence or just need more traffic, we need to talk. I’d love the opportunity to put my experience to work for your business today.

Contacting Evan

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/evanemerson/

Twitter @EvanEmerson

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