Full Backlink Report For Any Website


Getting the full backlink report of your website or competitor’s websites is one of the first reports we pull when planning an SEO campaign. Now you have a simple way to get your backlink report without subscribing to expensive software or hiring us for a full SEO campaign.

Gets it done for you for only $17.

Backlinks are everywhere on the web, ┬ásome good, many bad. One of the first reports we pull is a full analysis of any URL on your site or your competitor’s site.

Bad links have a negative impact on your rankings. It is important to find and remove these before you get a Google Penalty which can push your site down the rankings, my gig will show you all URLs pointing to your website so you make an informed decision about which should stay and which ones you remove.

What you’ll receive:

  1. Where the link comes from. The actual URI.
  2. The Score. How good the link is.
  3. The anchor text used.
  4. When our crawler first discovered your link.
  5. Whether its DO or NO FOLLOW state.
This includes our full backlink report for one website of a small or medium sized business.
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